Just so to let myself feel better, I ain’t prefect, I ain’t considerate enough, and most crucial of all, I am to be blamed for showing such gesture and backing out almost immediately at this moment.

We shall let the hour glass do it’s job and find out what’s hidden beneath those white sand, hopefully it’s something both of us will treasure better than the ambiguous shape it is showing now.

I lay my head down in advanced for the sudden rush and for being just the same as others.

Ok, so it actually made me felt even worst. I know people are going to judge and stereotype me. In fact, they are judging me already, i do feel the punishment now.
I’m fixing it.

sorry for the longest hiatus ever, like anyone cares, but erm it’s exam period and that’s when i stayed up real late to stuff in as much notes as possible.

Hence, i need an outlet for my nonsense πŸ˜€

and isn’t he sho cute :3


i guess there left 37 days before my holiday ends. Been trying my best to savour every single second of it before the beginning of Year 2.

Still, i don’t think i’m doing a good job in it, especially the “family” department, gotta change my lifestyle to suit my family’s lifestyle :p

i’m still sleeping at 3 in the morning even though exams are way wayyyyy over. Dark circles are actually growing more *grins teeth*

So “World Cup” is like the new hello. “Paul the octopus” is the new “what sup?”

And i kind of think that i work like Paul, just that i predict the team that is getting knocked out. I always root for Brazil, and then they got kick off, same goes to South Korea and Germany -.-

I predict Holland will win. At least, u know what to do now.

Erm… well to me, my new way to say hello is “have u heard taeyang’s new album?”

I’m so sorry if it annoys the hell out of u D:

At least i dun spam the page with Taeyang’s music videos, pictures, links,abs,hair,side profile, body, stubbles,songs, dance moves etc etc etc etc

Did the last few paragraph annoys u? πŸ˜€

Anyway, im really glad about my results, i mean it was really really satisfying and relieving to know that all the hard work and effort were paid off. The amount of night oil we burnt is enough to compare with BP polluting the ocean.

Point is, i was really glad that day (and that day Taeyang released Solar). But the satisfaction was really short term, because the next thing i know was that some really great friends did not do well. Really grief about that, because i know they really work hard, and things just did not came out as what they expected πŸ˜₯

Anyhoo, it’s not the end, it will not just ends there, every cloud has a silver lining and God is not gonna throw you something that’s too hard for u to handle, try to get something positive out of the situation and work through it πŸ˜€

i am quite impressed that i typed that out, i know it is easy to say than done, but sometimes, u just need to try hard and keep the correct mindset to settle things πŸ˜‰

All the best to YOU with much love β™₯

so i’m back for good, for the next 2 months (Thank God..)

My lifestyle is now as simple as a sloth.

haha it’s been a month since the last update.

Finals has driven all of us crazy, there’s so many breakouts on my face, it resembles the surface of the moon now.

But everyone is really glad now that most of the academic paper are DONE, despite how unprepared i was. We only have one practical test to sit with a couple of university papers. And then, that’s it for year 1 πŸ˜€

ah ha, it ain’t that easy k.

A list will be posted out around this week, at Β least by tuesday, and the names listed in that piece of paper are those who are eligible to attend a “pre-supplementary” interview, which means u are at the border-line fail category. Just a few marks and u are qualify to pass that subject.

Mind you, it’s an interview, not a piece of paper, u can’t draw, u can’t specify, u can’t place down ur words neatly.

Not only that, the list will only show those who are at the borderline-fail category, it does not determine whether or not u passed or u’re gonna have to come back a few weeks earlier to take up the supplementary test.

who would actually want to study again during the holidays weih ~

it’s a roller-coaster ride i tell u >.<

that i will stay focus and concentrated on my eiffel tower’s height-like notes for the next few weeks

>< im so sorry, i cant.

must study hard must study hard must study hard must study hard

anyway i found this,


Crepe filled with Oreo’s, Strawberries and Cream with extra strawberries and chocolate.
sorry to the owner of this pic, i sort of print screened it cuz this picture is just soooooo WOW-ly AWESOME !!

You know sometimes i hope i could cry so hard and then fall asleep, and wake up to feel absolutely refreshed.

Of course, with no swollen eyes as well.

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